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How To Build A Reliable Recall

The recall is probably the most important command you can teach your dog. Having your dog come to you reliably every time you call could very well be a lifesaving thing. The best way to build a reliable recall is with patience, persistence, practice and LOTS OF TREATS.

Some initial POINTS to remember.

* Always call your dog with a happy, enthusiastic voice and a smile on your face. A high pitched voice is best. Never grumble or growl your recall command. The dog might think youíre upset and not want to come. Could you blame him?

* NEVER call your dog to you for anything that he would perceive as unpleasant. Notice I said, "What HE could perceive as unpleasant." Coming to you must always be the most wonderful thing your dog can imaging doing. If coming to you results in something unpleasant, the dog may not want to come to you in the future. Always think in terms of what would be unpleasant in the dogs eyes. Example: Being called in the house when heíd rather stay outside and play; Being called to have his nails clipped, or take a bath.

* ALWAYS be consistent and use the same recall word when you call your dog. Either "dogs name, COME" or "dogs name, HERE." Example: "Rover, come" or "Spot, here." By using their name first, you get their attention and have a better chance of them coming to you. The name alone is not a recall. Their name is used only to get their attention.

* Only train the recall when you have control of the outcome. Either have the dog on leash or in an enclosed area where you can get him if he doesnít come. He MUST come to you EVERY TIME you call him. When your dog is not on a leash, only call him to you if you are 99.99% positive that he will come to you. If he doesnít come, you will be teaching him that coming to you is an option. Remember to Praise and TREAT him when he does come to you, every time.

** For absolutely reliable recalls, ALWAYS greet him when he gets to you with a "GOOD COME", praising and petting and a TREAT. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Itís a good idea to make the treats his most favorite. You want him to WANT to come to you. This is not about "doing it because I say so", its about "doing it because I want you to come every time and Iíll do whatever it takes to get you to want to come every time I call." Itís a safety thing - a lifesaving command.
Now you're ready for some fun Recall Games. You can also use the page numbers below to move back and forth between the recall pages if you want.

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